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The Australian Lottery, or Oz Lotto as it has become known as, was played for the first time in 1994 and is generally regarded as the first fully-fledged national lottery game on the continent down under. When the game was first introduced, it was presented as a straightforward “6/45” format draw – meaning players were required to choose six balls from a selection range of 45 in order to qualify for a jackpot win; but as time progressed, so did the game.

A seventh number was added to the draw in 2005, which greatly lengthened the odds of scoring a division 1 (jackpot) win. Upon this addition, the branding surrounding the Oz Lotto was changed, with the purpose of reflecting and placing emphasis on the seventh ball (Super 7’s Oz Lotto, Oz 7 Lotto, etc).

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These days, in order to participate in the Oz Lotto competitors are required to choose seven lucky balls out of a selection range of 45. In order to secure a full jackpot win, all seven numbers that the competitor has selected needs to match up directly to the seven balls which are randomly drawn by one of the designated draw machines. The odds of winning the Oz Lotto jackpot currently stand at 1 in 45,379,620.

To add to the seven balls which are drawn to create a tier one jackpot win, a further two balls are also drawn – these have become known as the “supplementary numbers”. The drawing of these additional balls serves the purpose of creating a further three prize tiers within each game’s draw, namely divisions 2, 4, and 7 (Match 7 + 1, Match 6 + 2, etc).

With a distinct emphasis placed on the various tier winners as well, and not only jackpot winners, the Oz Lotto sets itself apart from other international lotteries in the fact that it has a rollover limit of 25 consecutive draws. If the jackpot still hasn’t been claimed after the 25th draw, then the jackpot prize will automatically filter down to the second prize tier and be distributed accordingly – so second tier winners have the potential of scoring windfalls worth millions of dollars without even needing to match up all the correct numbers drawn!

With the advertised minimum jackpot weighing in at a mere $2 million, don’t let that humble sum of money fool you – the Oz Lotto currently holds the record for the biggest Australian lottery jackpot prize! Originally guaranteed at $100 million, the amount which was eventually paid out was a massive $112 million, which was equally divided amongst four very lucky ticket holders in November 2012. Another huge jackpot which the Oz Lotto is famous for paying out amounted to $106,549,984. This is what gives the Oz Lotto its massive global popularity and appeal.

The Oz Lotto draws take place every Tuesday in Melbourne, and is broadcast live at 8:45pm (AEST). For an opportunity to compete in this highly popular game, click here.

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